Tuesday, June 8

11:00 AM – 11:10 PM EST
4:00 PM – 4:10 PM GMT+1)
Opening Remarks
  • Paul P. Skoutelas, President and CEO, American Public Transportation Association
  • Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary-General
11:15 AM – 12:00 PM EST
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM GMT+1)
Opening Keynote: Featuring Rishad Tobaccowala (sponsored by WSP)
12:00 PM – 12:15 PM EST
5:00 PM – 5:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
12:15 PM – 1:00 PM EST
5:15 PM – 6:00 PM GMT+1)
  • Real Estate Trends and What they Mean for Transit
    • Trip patterns on rail systems will continue to be impacted by the return of downtowns, the longevity of work-at-home trends, and the choices people and employers make about where they choose to live and work. Our panel will probe these and other real estate trends and their implications on public transportation.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Lucy Galbraith, Director, Transit Oriented Development, Metro Transit
      • Erik Hansen, Vice President, Government Relations, US Travel Association
      • Adie Tomer, Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institution
      • David Dixon, Vice President, Stantec Urban Places Fellow
      • Leona Agouridis, Executive Director, Golden Triangle Business Improvement District

  • Considerations for Brownfield Deployment of Platform Screen Doors and CBTC as Engineering Solutions for Efficient and Safe Operations
    • Platform screen doors and CBTC are two technologies that prove particularly challenging for an existing rail system to adopt. It is often like trying to fit a square peg into a round whole; it will not work unless the peg, the hole, or both undergo dramatic, expensive, inconvenient alterations. This session looks at lessons learned that can make the brownfield implementations of these technologies smoother in the future.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Bruce Chang, Construction Manager –SI&I, MTR Corporation Limited
      • Erik Stoothoff, Chief Engineer, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
      • Stu Hymowitz, Supervisor of Signal Engineering & ATC Program Manager, Port Authority Trans-Hudson
      • John Dempsey, Assistant Superintendent, Poer, Signals and Communications Division, PATH

  • New Advancements for Asset Management and Maintenance
    • Keeping track of and managing critical and valuable resources efficiently with modern business practices and tools is of key importance for transport operators. Focus on these techniques has been especially exacerbated with competing costs for managing the pandemic crisis and the recent period has allowed much reflection how to take advantage of new concepts.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Laura Zale, Manager of Asset Management, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
      • Steve Gonzalez, Director – Major Peoject Unit, KONE
      • Andrew L. Mitchem, Associate Vice President, New York and New Jersey, Network Rail Consulting, Inc.
      • Johannes Emmelheinz, CEO Mobility Customer Services, Siemens
1:00 PM – 1:15 PM EST
(6:00 PM – 6:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
1:15 PM – 2:00 PM EST
(6:15 PM – 7:00 PM GMT+1)
Live Roundtable Discussions
  • Issues Pertaining to Safety Management Systems (SMS): Employee Safety Reporting and Fatigue Management/HOS
    • Join us for this important session on Safety Management Systems (SMS)-related issues, including Employee Safety Reporting and Fatigue Mangement/Hours of Service (HOS). Two APTA Business Members will discuss these important topics and what they have done to work with transit agencies, including leading strategies, implementation plans, and facilitation of SRM workshops. Further, a product will be discussed that has been validated by the FRA/US DOT to identify risks associated with fatigue and ways to mitigate that risk. Finally, our moderator, Vice Chair of the APTA Safety Coordinating Council, will speak about SRM-related issues at her large rail and bus transit property.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Rebecca Zelt, Managing Director, Safety & Security, King County Metro
      • Kevin Reilly, Principal Consultant, Hatch LTK
      • Kristi Urich, Product Director, Workforce Management, Trapeze Group
      • Steve Hursh, SAFTE-FAST

  • Connecting America’s Mega-Regions by Rail
    • Intercity passenger rail connects people, economic activity and improves equity and economic sustainability of megaregions.  When interconnected, the economic contribution to the nation multiplies still further. Practitioners will discuss ways these and other benefits will be realized through a trio of highly-anticipated projects – Link 21, Connect NEC 2035, and Cascadia Corridor. (sponsored by Ricardo)
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Norman Forde, Vice President, Senior Fleet and Facilities Lead, WSP USA
      • Amy Scarton, Deputy Secretary of Transportation, State of Washington
      • Nicole Bucich, Director, Planning, NEC Commission
      • Peter Gertler, Senior Vice President and Program Manager, Link21, HNTB Corporation

  • Current Issues with ADA Compliance and Transit Infrastructure
    • Recent court decisions in New York and Chicago highlight the continued importance of integrating accessibility in facility renovation and within urban streetscapes. We will discuss these events and open the floor for group conversation about your perspectives and issues.
      • SPEAKER:
      • David Rishel, Principal, Delta Services Group Inc.

  • Preparing for the Effects of Climate Change on Rail
    • Global climate change represents an increasingly serious environmental, economic, health, and social challenge. Since the transportation sector accounts for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, public transit has both an obligation and an opportunity to address the issue in meaningful and measurable ways. Here, we will discuss some of the projects that agencies have undertaken to increase their resiliency to these emerging threats and what we need to do to prepare for what is to come.
      • SPEAKER:
      • Hannah Lyons-Gallante, Climate Resiliency Specialist, MBTA
      • Philippe Citroen, Director General, UNIFE
      • Projjal Dutta, Director, Sustainability Initiatives, NYS MTA
      • Cris B. Liban, D.Env., P.E., Chief Sustainability Officer, LA Metro
  • Issues Pertaining to Safety Management Systems (SMS): Employee Safety Reporting and Fatigue Management/HOS
  • Advancing High-Performance Rail Corridors: Making the Business Case
2:00 PM – 2:15 PM EST
(7:00 PM – 7:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
2:15 PM – 3:00 PM EST
(7:15 PM – 8:00 PM GMT+1)
  • Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey: Beginning, Development, and Beyond
    • Hear from rail properties about how they began their “courageous conversations” within their agencies that led to the development of a DEI plan. Panelists will also discuss how they are facing implementation challenges and will highlight their successes to date.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Linda Ford, General Counsel, American Public Transportation Association
      • Peter Rogoff, Chief Executive Officer, Sound Transit
      • Jonte M. Robinson, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Office of Civil Rights, Equity & Inclusion, Sound Transit
      • Barbara Moulton, Senior Director of Customer Care, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
      • Chiamaka Ogwuegbu, Acting Deputy Chief of Staff, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
      • Josephine Ayankoya, Race, Equity and Inclusion Officer, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

  • TAM – Strengthening your Foundation: TAMPing your way into the Future!
    • Please join us for an informative and lively discussion, centered on strengthening your Agency’s Transit Asset Management program. We’ll hear important updates from FTA, and hear from Metra and WMATA on tailoring your TAM plan specific to your Agency needs, and how to incorporate performance management in a practicable way. Although an Agency’s needs evolve over time, a strong TAM plan supports your organization throughout your decision making process. Please join us as we focus on building a strong TAM foundation, that will support us in the years to come.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Laura Zale, Manager of Asset Management, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
      • Jordan Holt, Director of Performance, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
      • Tina Ignat, Asset Analyst, Metra
      • Eric Papetti, Acting TAM Program Manager, Federal Transit Administration

  • Track and Tunnel Physical Infrastructure Repair and Enhancement Practices
    • Design choices can unintentionally cause expensive unpredictable maintenance headaches and potential safety risks. Making these situations even harder to solve is the fact that they often tend to occur in cramped quarters. This session highlights two projects in which agencies are working to permanently overcome these challenges. (sponsored by Holland)
      • SPEAKERS:
      • John Wong, Senior Program Manager, Gannett Fleming
      • Bill Palko, Principle Project Manager, Mott MacDonald
      • James Harper, Chief Engineer, Chicago Transit Authority
      • Eric McGraw, Signal Engineering Manager, Chicago Transit Authority
      • James Darmody, Engineering Geologist, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
3:00 PM – 3:15 PM EST
(8:00 PM – 8:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
3:15 PM – 4:00 PM EST
(8:15 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+1)
  • Ridership/Revenue Recovery in the Post COVID World
    • The current covid situation has already changed commuting patterns and will have an impact on the ridership and fare box recovery for rail systems going forward. This session addresses unique partnerships and perspectives to ensure passenger rail and rail transit have a prominent and secure place, regardless of what the future may bring.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Debra Johsnon, General Manager and CEO, Regional Transportation District (RTD-Denver)
      • Catherine Rinaldi, President, Metro North Railroad, President
      • John Killeen, Chief Executive Officer (Interim), Keolis Commuter Services
      • Peter Rogoff, Chief Executive Officer, Sound Transit

  • PTASP: Best Practices and the Path Moving Forward
    • As the FTA will report, almost all rail transit agencies (approx. 62 of 63) have now met the July 20, 2021 self-certification deadline for a PTASP. On this informative panel, we will have the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) speak about meeting this deadline, the Technical Assistance Center (PTASP-TAC), outreach to the industry and the next steps moving forward. Also on the panel we will have a State Safety Oversight Agency (SSOA) speak about their experience with overseeing rail transit agency PTASPs, and finally a rail transit agency will provide input on PTASP creation, implementation and best practices. Please join us for this informative session on the FTA’s PTASP final rule!
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Kevin Jones, Senior Associate / Senior Safety & Security Consultant, ADS System Safety Consulting, LLC
      • Marla Blagg, Executive Director of Safety & Security, TriMet
      • Candace Key, Director, Office of System Safety, Federal Transit Administration
      • Elizabeth Bonini, Rail Transit Safety Review Program Division Chief, PA Department of Transportation | Bureau of Rail, Freight, Ports, & Waterways

  • New Visions for Stations, Innovative Design, Alternative Commercial Models and Multimodal Concepts
    • Stations offer the first experience for customers for urban rail travel. Their importance in design and concept is vital to the overall impression of transit systems, as well as their role in urban design and the quality of life in cities. New ideas, concepts, designs and opportunities for combining their function with revenue generating commercial developments are emerging.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Porie Saikia-Eapen, Director Environmental Sustainability, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York
      • Mark van Hagen, Principal Consultant Customer Experience, Netherlands Railways
      • Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing Director, Portland Design
      • Dr. Anne Kovachevich, Foresight and Innovation Leader, Arup
4:00 PM – 4:15 PM EST
(9:00 PM – 9:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
4:15 PM – 5:00 PM EST
(9:15 PM – 10:00 PM GMT+1)
  • APTA Workforce Readiness: Rail Sector Success Stories
    • This Spring, APTA launched the Transit Workforce Readiness Guide, a highly interactive online resource for executives and their staff to help organizations build a more diverse talent pipeline by attracting high school students, especially those from underserved communities, to entry-level transit positions. In this session, we will feature three organizations highlighted in the Guide. These speakers will share their stories and discuss the programs they have created to target high school students to raise industry awareness and create opportunities within their communities.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Tamika White, Senior Organizational Development Manager, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority
      • Geisha Ester, Vice President, Training and Workforce Development, Chicago Transit Authority
      • Jana Demas, Rail Deputy Director, King County Metro
      • Martin Ritter, President & CEO, Stadler US Inc.

  • Zero Emission Rail Innovations
    • Many rail operations already utilize electricity as their propulsion technology and are looking to further reduce the carbon footprint by utilizing hydrogen or other sustainable means. This session highlights lessons learned from past and ongoing projects to reduce rail operation’s carbon footprint. Additionally, this session will highlight the usage of battery technology in conjunction with conventional rail to enhance and expand rail networks.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Phillip Eng, President, MTA LIRR
      • Marcin Taraszkiewicz, Rail & Transit Vehicle Engineering North America Lead, Jacobs
      • Noah Heulitt, Vice President of Rolling Stock Sales and Business Development, North America, Alstom
      • Carrie Schindler, PE, Director of Transit & Rail Programs, San Bernardino County Transportation Authority
      • Pallavi Lal, Vice President, Vehicle Engineering Practice, Hatch LTK

  • New Frontiers in Data Access and Use for Service Planning and Operations Management
    • The value of data is critical and its management is changing rapidly with new concepts and policies. This panel will explore various aspects of this new frontier.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Mari Flink, Director
      • Matias Sevel Rasmussen, Signal Systems and R&D Manager, The Copenhagen Metro and Greater Copenhagen Light Rail
      • Gayang Ho, Head of Research – Asia-Pacific Office, UITP
      • Sally Librera, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Client Support, HNTB
5:00 PM – 5:45 PM EST
(10:00 PM – 10:45 PM GMT+1)
Debrief & Happy Hour

Wednesday, June 9

11:00 AM – 11:10 PM EST
(4:00 PM – 4:10 PM GMT+1)
Opening Remarks:
  • Jeffrey A. Nelson, Chair, APTA; General Manager, Rock Island County Metropolitan Mass Transit District (MetroLink)
  • Pere Calvet, President of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and General Manager of Ferrocarrils de La Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC)
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST
(4:00 PM – 5:00 PM GMT+1)
Opening Session – Federal Partners Panel
  • Amit Bose, Deputy Administrator, Federal Railroad Administration
  • Paul Nissenbaum, Associate Administrator for Railroad Policy & Development, Federal Railroad Administration
  • Michael Longley, Chief, Project Management and Oversight Division, Federal Railroad Administration
  • Rob Castiglione, Staff Director, Railroad Safety Partnerships Division, Federal Railroad Administration
  • Melissa Shurland, Program Manager, Rolling Stock Research Division, Federal Railroad Administration
  • Karl Alexy, Associate Administrator for Railroad Safety & Chief Safety Officer, Federal Railroad Administration
12:00 PM – 12:15 PM EST
(5:00 PM – 5:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
12:15 PM – 1:00 PM EST
(5:15 PM – 6:00 PM GMT+1)
  • Automation for Urban Rail – Global Status and Perspectives
    • There is tremendous global rate of change for automatization of urban metros (heavy rail) operations with most new systems/lines opening with driverless operations and several large systems retrofitting their network to this mode. This session will explore the aspects and issues concerning this worldwide trend, the technologies, operating and safety processes it involves and share experiences of global applications.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Carlo Bianco, Director, Metro Safety, ATM – Azienda Trasporti Milanesi
      • David Dimmer, Director of Product Strategy, Urban Rail Signalling, Thales
      • Ian Fisher, Manager Operations Planning BC Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC), BC Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC)
      • Tiago Augusto Alves, Business Developer, CCR S.A.

  • Revenue Ideas for a Recovering Economy
    • The challenges of the pandemic have given transit agencies all the more impetus to pursue revenue opportunities. Our panel will cover P3 opportunities, real estate, TIF financings, congestion pricing, and more.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Sharon Greene, Managing Principal, InfraStrategies LLC
      • William Viqueira, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer, New Jersey Transit Corporation
      • Joshua Schank, Chief, Office of Extraordinary Innovation, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
      • Rachel Hiatt, Assistant Deputy Director, Planning, San Francisco County Transportation Authority

  • Cybersecurity Considerations for Rail Operational Technologies
    • As rail systems incorporate more and more connected safety systems like PTC, CBTC, and maintenance indicators with IoT based technology, they are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. These threats have the potential to bring entire rail systems to a standstill and undermining the safety built into our systems. This session will be showcasing two major operational technology implementations and how cybersecurity was woven into the project using the industry leading frameworks.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Tariq Habib, Chief Information Security Officer, MTA NY
      • Joel Waugh, Director, Cybersecurity Risk Management (DCISO & Authorizing, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
      • Anish Gandhi, Executive Director – PTC, Metro North Railroad
1:00 PM – 1:15 PM EST
(6:00 PM – 6:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
1:15 PM – 2:00 PM EST
(6:15 PM – 7:00 PM GMT+1)
Live Roundtable Discussions
  • Transit Public Safety Reimagined in 2021
    • In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, communities across America took to the streets to demand police reform and accountability. How has this demand for change impacted transit security? Attend this session to hear security directors and police chiefs talk about community engagement, partnerships with social services and mental health providers and the reimaging of public safety in transit.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Marissa Clarke , Coordinator, Senior, Community Engagement Programs, TriMet
      • Ed Alvarez, Chief of Police, Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department
      • Aston Greene, Deputy Chief System Security & Law Enforcement, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority,
      • Polly Hanson, TSSP, PTSCTP, WSO-CSSD, Moderator/ Senior Director Security, Risk & Emergency Management, American Public Transportation Association

  • Grade Crossing Safety and Right of Way Worker Protection: Best Practices & Lessons Learned
    • During this session we will learn about transit rail grade crossing issues and how they were dealt with in Illinois by the Illinois DOT, including signage, gates, lights, pavement markings, and sidewalk treatments as well as policies and procedures. Further, hear from an APTA Business Member regarding Right of Way worker protection technologies, including those that protect at rail grade crossings. IL DOT and Protran will discuss best practices and lessons learned and there will be time for Q&A at the end.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Lou Brown, Senior Engineering Manager, Jacobs
      • Josh Katz, Chief Safety Regulations Manager, Illinois Department of Transportation
      • Jaime Maguire, Director, Safety Solutions Division, Protran

  • Life Cycle Cost Based Large System Procurement for Rail
    • Technological advancement has reached a rate that we need to rethink how we handle procurements. From complex train control systems to traction propulsion components, it often seems that difference between cutting edge and functionally obsolete is a matter of a couple of years. This session looks at how agencies are grappling with the increasing rate of obsolescence by looking beyond the initial purchasing price to the lifecycle cost of increasingly complex interconnected systems.

  • Planning for a Post COVID World
    • Covid has taken a dramatic toll on rail ridership, and some of our ridership habits may have forever changed. Join us for an engaging discussion on the state of rail transit ridership, and trends we are seeing towards the future. We’ll explore current challenges and what the future may bring, on both a local and global level.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Ruby Siegel, Vice President, US Transportation, New York Metro AECOM
      • Alex Barron, Associate Director, Head of Metro and Light Rail Benchmarking, Transport Strategy Centre, Imperial College London
      • Todd DiScala, Director – Trans-Hudson Intermodal Planning, NJ Transit
      • Mathew Safer, Senior Director of Demand Forecasting and Research, NJ Transit
      • David Roden, Senior Consulting Manager, AECOM
      • Ryan White, Manager – Freight Planning & Logistics, VHB

  • Advancing High-Performance Rail Corridors: Making the Business Case
    • A new APTA report provides a consistent methodology to quantify the economic and social benefits of passenger rail corridor investments. Researchers and practitioners will unveil the new report “Framework for Assessing the Business Case ROI for Intercity Passenger Rail Corridor Investments” and discuss practical ways it can be applied.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Charles Quandel, Chief Executive Officer, Quandel Consultants, LLC
      • Glen Weisbrod, Principal, EBP, Boston, MA Weisbrod
      • Patricia Quinn, Executive Director, Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority
      • Ron Pate, Director, Rail, Freight and Ports Division, Washington State Department of Transportation
      • Stacie Mortenson, Executive Director, San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission – Altamont Corridor Express – San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority
      • Arun Rao, Chair, States-for-Passenger Rail Coalition, and Passenger Rail Manager, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

  • Transit Expansion in Times of Transition: Capital Investment Grants
  • Exciting new projects are moving forward to help bolster the economic and social vitality of communities in the year ahead. Hear about the ways transit planners are advancing projects amid challenging times, the adjustments they have made, and how FTA’s Capital Investment Grant program continues to play a critical role.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Carolyn Gonot, Executive Director, Utah Transit Authority
      • Don Billen, Executive Director – Planning, Environment & Project Development Department, Sound Transit
      • Camille Tsao, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority
      • David Mieger, Deputy Executive Officer – Westside Planning, Los Angeles Country Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Rail Capital Projects Update
  • Rail capital projects are major infrastructure investments that transform a city or a region. Planning, environmental review, design and construction phases all present significant challenges, on top of developing a viable financial plan. This session will explore three rail capital projects – SEPTA’s King of Prussia project, CATS’ Gold Line, and MTA’s Purple Line project. The speakers will describe the challenges faced in planning, designing, constructing, and financing their projects, as well as how they resolved those challenges.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Greg J. Nazarow, Vice President, Rail Operations Analysis & Simulation, Gannett Fleming Transit and Rail Systems
      • Matthew S. Lewis, Senior Rail Operations Analyst, Gannett Fleming Transit and Rail Systems
      • Kurt Goddard, Vice President, Rail and Transit, Atkins
      • Matthew W. Pollack, Executive Director Transit Development & Delivery, Maryland Transit Administration
      • Regan McDonald, Vice President, Design Manager, Atkins
      • Jason Lawrence, Director of Planning Development Administration, Charlotte Area Transit System

2:00 PM – 2:15 PM EST
(7:00 PM – 7:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
2:15 PM – 3:00 PM EST
(7:15 PM – 8:00 PM GMT+1)
  • To Court and Back: The Story of the Biggest ADA Transit Lawsuit in U.S. History – How the MBTA Emerged More Accessible
    • This session explores the story of the biggest ADA transit lawsuit in U.S. History. Learn from the Plantiff’s perspective on how it turned into a lawsuit, and how the MBTA implemented the settlement lessons learned.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • David Rishel, Principal, Delta Services Group
      • Laura Brelsford, Assistant General Manager – Systemwide Accessibility , Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

  • Leveraging your Existing Rail Network for Zero Emissions
    • Join us for a practicable discussion on reduced emission technologies.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Jannet M. Walker-Ford, Sr. Vice President, Transit & Rail National Business Line Leader, WSP
      • Ric Rattray, Program Manager and Deputy Executive Director, Tri-Valley – San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail
      • Quentin Sumabat, Deputy Executive Office, Vehicle Engineering & Acquisition, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

  • Improving Passenger Experience and Real Time Information with Digitalization and the Use of Artificial Intelligence
    • Clearly the global pandemic crisis has raised the importance of the comfort, well-being and information provided to passengers. To serve this need, transport operators are continuing to develop advanced information systems using emerging technologies to capture valuable available data to serve customers as well as to more efficiently manage their internal processes and operations.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Andrew Bata, Head of UITP North America Regional Office
      • Tom McLaughlin, Senior Digital Manager | Corporate Affairs, Metro Trains Melbourne
      • Denise Barthel, Customer Information Department, Public Transport Authority Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB)
      • Heather L. Ferguson, Director of Rail Operations Planning and Scheduling, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority,
3:00 PM – 3:15 PM EST
(8:00 PM – 8:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
3:15 PM – 4:00 PM EST
(8:15 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+1)
  • Domestic and International Common Workforce Challenges
    • During this session, members of APTA’s Workforce Development Committee will join in a conversation with colleagues from UITP’s Business and Human Resources Management Committee to discuss common workforce challenges. The panelists will cover capacity building, ongoing challenges regarding digitization, and efforts to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives. The group will share their perspectives on how the public transportation workforce is evolving and how practices will shift as we move into the post-COVID-19 landscape.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • LaShanda Dawkins, Esq., Assistant General Manager, Human Resources, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
      • Patrice McElroy, Acting Chief Human Capital and Development Officer, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
      • Juliana Vilert i Barnet, Manager of Organisation and People, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
      • Peter Buisman, Head of Human Resources, GVB

  • Cybersecurity Defense- Where to Start, What to Do?
    • According to DHS Secretary Mayorkas “the nation’s cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link,” the secretary highlighted the ongoing spike in ransomware attacks and the need to protect critical infrastructure against attacks. Transit agencies may be ill-equipped to respond to today’s complex cyber threats. Transit agencies obtain services and goods from transit businesses, contractors and consultants who also may not possess the cybersecurity processes needed to protect their business and the transit agency. Attendees to this session will hear from government and agency officials regarding available resources and recommended practices.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Lee Allen, Cybersecurity Lead, Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration
      • Benjamin Gilbert, CISSP, CRISC, CEH, Cybersecurity Advisor, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
      • Dr. Julius Smith, Moderator/Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Dallas Area Rapid Transit
      • Michael A. Echols, CEO, Max Cybersecurity LLC (Max Services)
      • Ahmed Idrees, OT & SCADA Manager, Sound Transit
      • Kyle N. Malo, Sr. Director, Cybersecurity & CISO, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

  • Regulatory Strategies for North American High Speed / Performance Rail
    • As high-speed rail begins to emerge across the country, it has become apparent that different approaches can be taken to implement systems whether complete systems are being moved from outside North America or whether a hybrid approach is being taken. This discussion session will cover the regulatory framework for high-speed rail and the potential implications for the future regulatory practices of the conventional rail network. (sponsored by Ricardo)
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Ian Rainey, Vice President, Maglev East
      • Jennifer Hu, Director, Texas Central
      • Bruce Armistead, Director of Operations and Maintenance, California High-Speed Rail Authority
      • Michael Hunter, Attorney, Federal Railroad Administration
      • Larry Kelterborn, President, LDK Advisory
      • Narayana Sundaram, Sr. Director, APTA
4:00 PM – 4:15 PM EST
(9:00 PM – 9:15 PM GMT+1)
Networking Break
4:15 PM – 5:00 PM EST
(9:15 PM – 10:00 PM GMT+1)
  • The Future of E-TOD: What Have We Learned About Equitable TOD to Build Back Better
    • E-TOD builds equitable communities, maximizes ridership, and serves our core market. COVID has shown us who are the essential workers and what are the essential destinations. As we build back better, transit agencies will be more focused on expanding communities for these people and places. Our panel will demonstrate why E-TOD is intrinsic to future transit success.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Mariia Zimmerman, Principal, MZ Strategies
      • Debra Johnson, General Manager and CEO, Regional Transit District
      • Jeffrey Parker, General Manager, Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transit Authority
      • Kendra Freeman, Vice President, Metropolitan Planning Council

  • The Challenges of Bringing Riders Back to Transit
    • As people get vaccinated and are ready to return to work and pre-pandemic life, who will ride mass transit? Returning to transit as cities reopen and people return to a trace of pre-pandemic life, the question remains will public transit be able to dispel the suggestion that that large numbers of people using mass transit and passenger rail is a risk. This session will share best practices and emerging trends regarding service delivery and restoring trust.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Ronnie Hakim, Senior Vice President and National Transit and Rail Market Sector Leader, HNTB
      • Leslie Richards, General Manager, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
      • Randy Clarke, General Manager, Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
      • Alex Wiggins, CEO, New Orleans Regional Transit Authority
      • Andy Byford, Commissioner, Transport for London

  • Light Rail Developments – Global Status and Elements of Alternate Technologies
    • Light rail systems continue their fast growth globally and it continues to be a strong element of the North American urban transit renaissance of this mode. Alternate, innovative technologies are continuously in development for rolling stock design and power collection/use technologies.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Daria Kuzmina (Moderator), Manager – Knowledge & Innovation, UITP
      • Ian Ambrose, Future Railway Development Manager, Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd
      • Ana M. Moreno, CEO, S.E.M. Los Tranvías de Zaragoza
      • João Rebelo, Director-Technical Systems Department of Metro do Porto, UITP Vice President and Chair of UITP Light Rail Division, UITP
5:00 PM – 5:45 PM EST
(10:00 PM – 10:45 PM GMT+1)
  • Closing Plenary: The State of Rail Today and Where We are Going
    • As the world emerges from the pandemic, we know mobility patterns and preferences will change. We will need to attract new riders as well as focus even more on the customer experience. What does this mean for our rail service models and capital planning going forward. How do we make the transition to reaching the full potential of rail knowing its importance in meeting local sustainability and global climate change goals and as a driver of economic development and social equity. What is needed from a policy and investment perspective? Join rail leaders from around the world for this important conversation on the challenges and opportunities for rail going forward.
      • SPEAKERS:
      • Matthew Tucker, APTA Vice-Chair, and Executive Director, North County Transit District
      • Carolyn M. Gonot, Executive Director, Utah Transit Authority
      • Henri Poupart-LaFarge , Chairman of the Board and CEO, Alstom
      • Carlo Borghini , Executive Director, Shift2Rail, European Commission